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Description : Visit the famous silk and cotton cottage industries at sankampheng disctrict Borsang umbrella village teakwood carving lacqerware silverware bronzeware and celaton pottery.Borsang is known throughout Thailand as the ?Umbrella Village?.

The village is situated north of Chiang Mai along the Sankhampaeng Road where it meets the Doi Saket Road about 10kms out of town.Borsang is famed for handmade parasols made from bamboo and rice paper.

The village has made umbrellas for generations and the art has been handed down through a small number of families that live here and is said to have originated from a Thai Buddhist monk who learned the practice on a pilgrimage to Burma.The true beauty of the umbrellas is in the exquisite pictures and designs that decorate them. Delicately hand painted, some are works of art and they make wonderful keepsakes and gifts.

The hot springs set amidst natural surroundings of trees and verdant hills, are located 36 kilometers from town.People always find a warm bath a soothing and delightful experience. Bathing in warm mineral water even gives greater health benefits. There are numerous numbers of hot springs in Thailand. Some places offer tourists to have a hot springs mineral bath experience such as San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs has 2 hot springs shooting burst of hot water around 20 metres high into the air. Water temperature is originally over 100 degrees Celcius and then loses its heat through the blowing wind. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs was named after its location which formally belonged to San Kamphaeng district, Chiang Mai. But later on, there was a change in administrative district and the area then belonged to Mae On district. The water from the hot spring is very hot that you can boil an egg. Try boiling eggs, wait until they are done at your favorite level and try eating them with the soy sauce. You should never miss to experience hot springs mineral bath here. The place offers facilities for foot soaking, traditional mineral bath and a mineral swimming pool. Visitors can relax while enjoying the beautiful scenes of nicely-decorated flower gardens and the surrounding green mountains. Tourists can find a cluster of shops at the entrance gate that sell a lot of local souvenirs such as local hand-woven textiles, Bo Sang umbrellas and a wide selection of handicrafts.

Duration Half Day Tour



Private Tour:( minimum 2 person)



Price 2.500.00 baht(Per/Person)

Child under10 yrs 50%

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