Chiang Mai now boasts 10 top class golf courses and several of them would be ranked with the best golf courses in Thailand. One of the big advantages of playing golf in Chiang Mai is the mild weather during the winter season and if you tee off in the early morning you will probably need a sweater.

Many of Chiang Mai’s golf clubs are set in the mountains and although this involves a bit more travelling, the clear mountain air and the wonderful scenery more than makes up for the extra journey time.

​Buying golf packages is one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to enjoy a golf holiday. It takes all the hassle out of trying to plan your own trip and Chiang Mai golf packages are the perfect solution for those planning a golf holiday in northern Thailand.

​To be able to create good golf packages, there must be a great selection of golf courses and Chiang Mai does not disappoint in that department. You will find several excellent golf courses and each of these can be combined in different ways to create the perfect Chiang Mai golf package.

Which of the top Chiang Mai golf packages you choose to book will be dependent on the time you have and the golf courses you would like to play. For example, if you only have two nights to spare you could book a short the Chiang Mai Golf package.