Pai Expert Travel Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

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DAY 1 : CHIANGMAI – Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden. – PAI (OVERNIGHT)

Morning, pick up your hotel visit Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden. Thailand’s very first botanic Garden is now major travel destination in Mae Rim district covering a mountainous area of 560 acres and displays a vast collection of plants from different climates around the world. Established in 1992 to honor HM Queen Sirikit, the garden features several highlights including a Rainforest Glasshouse where you get to walk amid abundant kinds of plants from all tropical forests in Asia. There are a number of walking trails provided but also feel free to walk around and enjoy the lush green without any orders. Opening hours: Daily 8.30 am.-5.00 pm.


The Mok Fah Waterfall features two streams of water falling from a high stone cliff. The water falls down on a basin below that flows directly down a stream. Located in a tropical forest, the area around Mok Fa is dense with large trees and various kinds of green plants, such as ferns and moss. You can feel the cold moisture in the air that is coming from the waterfall.

You can find the Mok Fah Waterfall in the Mae Tang District of Northern Chiang Mai. The area does not only pride itself on the Mok Fah Waterfall as there are a lot of other attractions that you can explore.

Just near the waterfalls is the Tham Mok Fa which is a bat habitat and where you can do some nature activities, such as hiking, camping, bird watching, and swimming.



Full Day, After breakfast served in hotel We will pick you up at 9:00am to 15:00pm, Tham Lod is a cave system with a length of 1.666 meters. Geologic formations sprouting from the floor and ceiling, and forming flowstone columns where stalactites and stalagmites grew together. Tham Lod Cave is a natural limestone cave system, its main feature is the freshwater stream which runs through the middle of the cave for about 200-300 meters. Inside it’s walls are covered with massive formations and columns over 20 meters high. The cave is also home to large numbers of bats and swifts.The inner walls of the cave are covered with giant formations and columns (some more than 20 meters high) but there are many steps to climb up to get a really good view of the stalagmites & stalactites. When progressing further deeper into the cave, there is no light whatsoever, in order to explore the caverns, you must have a good guide with a decent burning torch which makes the exploration of the cave an even more mysterious atmosphere.


Then on your chosen day you’ll get picked up at around 12:00 – 12:30 pm and be driven to the start point. It’s only about 4km from the town so it doesn’t take too long. Once you arrive you’ll be given a giant inflated ring and guided down the bank to the river.

visit pai historical bridge This is a steel frame bridge of more than 100 meters built by Japanese soldiers during World War II to commemorate World War II.

Tubing in Pai


The dark green steel frame on the bridge, the old wooden planks, looked a little outdated. But there are some smart and stylish people who have decorated the bridge with some fun elements to make it even more appealing and a popular filming spot. There is a wooden model of a car on one side of the bridge. People can sit in the car and take a photo. After taking the photo, they can voluntarily put coins in the coin box. There is also a rickshaw in the middle of the bridge, which makes you feel as if you are back in Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. During the dry season, the water in the river is relatively watery, and small sandbars gather in the river. You can watch the sunset from the bridge, and watch the river water sparkle with the afterglow of the sunset. Be careful when walking on the bridge. The bridge is quite old, so occasionally old wooden boards will fall off, which is easy to step on.


DAY 3 : Huai Nam Dang National Park – CHIANGMAI

Full Day, after breakfast visit Huai Nam Dang National Park Covers approximately 1,252 square kilometres of two provinces; Mae Taeng and Wiang Haeng Districts in Chiang Mai and Pai District in Mae Hong Son. The topography consists of craggy mountains, with the highest of the peaks being Doi Chang. The Huai Nam Dang national park is the source of many streams of various sizes.Places of interest in the park include: The viewpoint at Huai Nam Dang (Doi Kiew Lom), Kuet Chang Subdistrict in Mae Taeng District, is the location of the Watershed Development Unit 2 (Huai Nam Dang). It offers spectacular sunrises and mist-shrouded mountain views in the morning. Pong Dueat Pa Pae Hot Spring is a large geyser-type hot spring with a very high temperature and pressure at the same time, and which constantly shoots out water to a height of about 2 metres. A lush green nature trail from the park’s front edge to the hot springs, clocking in at approximately 1,550 metres, loops around the fertile forest. There are accommodation, campgrounds, and mineral baths in the national park are available. Entrance fee: adults 300 baht, children 150 baht Accommodation and facilities: The park offer 8 cabins for travellers at 2,000 baht each. Tents and beddings are available for rent. For further details contact, Huai Nam Dang National Park Tel. 0 5324 8491 or Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation


Pong Dueat Pa Pae Hot Spring ‘Take a bath with hot mineral water, enjoy!’ The Hot Spring is a Geyser hot spring. To be precise, it’s the biggest Geyser hot spring in Thailand! The water is about 99 degree Celcius and will spring for about 2 metres height every 30 second. That’s a beautiful sight.You may smell sulphur, which is in the water, but don’t worry. The smell won’t be bad.

You should find 3 separated ponds at the place. The hot spring is in the largest one. There are also bathing rooms for tourists to enjoy taking a bath with hot mineral water. Do you know that natural hot water is good to your skin? Yes. It will stimulate your blood circulation. Also, it can cure some kinds of diseases too. Anyway, it will make you feel comfortable. Put it another way, no matter what you’ve been through, natural not water should fix your feeling.


Pai Explorer [3D2N Private Tour]

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7 up person

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Meal : ABF , Lunch Daily

Accommodation : Tourist class



  • Accommodation Twin or Double Bed
  • Daily breakfast.
  • Air Condition Transportation.
  • Tour programs + Entrance fee as indicated in the itinerary.
  • English Speaking Guide.
  • Meal as indicated
  • Free Travel Accident Insurance.
  • admission fee


  • All above rates are nett and quoted in Thai Baht per person.
  • Rate in Thai Baht inclusive Tax.
  • Child : Under Age 11 years at 75% of Adult Rate,